Kicking off a job search as a coding career switcher

I previously provided a custom curriculum that helps people learn to code here. Assuming you have already learned to code, this article discusses how to engage the job search. I don’t go over interviewing techniques, just techniques to land interviews. I’m a self-taught developer and a career switcher. Switching careers wasn’t easy, but I was … Read more

Vitamin Nicotine?

I’m literally the opposite of a medical expert, but I’m interested in cognitive enhancers and I have personal experience with nicotine which has convinced me that it is cognitively beneficial in the short term. Googling around, I found some research which I would say is markedly outside of the normal opinion, but I think it’s … Read more

Bad Arguments Against Anarchy: Inequality

A recent Facebook post objected: “Libertarians have a stubborn attachment to utopianism.” I initially passed it over, and it was eventually edited to state, “Edit: some libertarians have a stubborn attachment to utopianism.” Somewhere in this comments an objection to anarcho-capitalism emerged. A defense of anarcho-capitalism did interest me to engage, and I recount the … Read more

1/22/21 – Release Radar Favorites

I get a weekly release radar with new songs from artists that I follow on Spotify. This article notes my favorite songs from the past week: Standing in the Storm, August Burns Red Kärlek Slutar Alltid Med Bråk, Molly Sandén Everything, 3LAU Use Me, Emerald Royce Anxious, Dennis Lloyd The Blessing, Elevation Worship New Day, … Read more

Energy vs BPM in Music

This tool integrates with Spotify and allows you to sort your playlist. It presents an option called Energy and I have no idea how that is computed. I tweeted to ask the creative engineers here. This article speculates on how I would think energy would need to be computed in order to make it preferred … Read more

The Names of My Children

I have two kids with my wife, Christina, and I wanted to jot down their name meaning. My first-born son is Samuel Luke Vandivier and he is 2 years old. My second-born daughter is Ellie Marie Vandivier and she turns 6 months old later this month. My wife and I are intentional about not choosing … Read more

Jack Dorsey, a Plausible Libertarian

I’ve listened to Jack Dorsey talk a few times including his discussions with Joe Rogan and Lex Friedman. Dorsey is CEO of Twitter and Square. Twitter is a revolutionary social media app and Square is a revolutionary payment processing app. Dorsey is technical in that he actually programs and he co-founded Twitter including technical code … Read more

Legal Tax Avoidance with Cryptocurrency

Disclaimer: I’m not a legal or financial expert under the law and this article is for educational purposes. A partial history of British Tax Havens is given in this source from Norbert Braspenning. According to Norbert, the notion of an offshore transaction legally means that a person sitting in London can execute some tasks and, … Read more