On Beginning to Stream Code

This article describes my experience streaming code to date, motivation, some tricks I’ve learned, and future plans. My Experience So Far I started out blogging just over 10 years ago. About 7 years ago I committed to an at-least-monthly publication schedule. I began creating very simple YouTube videos about 9 years ago I have never … Read more

On the Scientistic Ethic

Let’s broadly consider scientism to be something like the belief that science is the best means toward truth or that Christianity represents an unimportant addition to human knowledge over and above secular science. Let’s further define science narrowly as the best-practice implementation in modern times, including peer review and so on. In this case, there … Read more

Should gender be distinguished from sex in science?

Should gender be distinguished from sex? Yes, it is scientifically needed. Yes, it is particularly useful in regards to social sciences including psychology, sociology, economics, and political science. As a researcher and economist, I often conduct surveys where I ask people about their gender. I have no way to verify the chromosomes of these people … Read more

Don’t Give Your Property Manager Free Rent

It’s an industry norm that property managers often (usually?) get reduced rent as part of their compensation. I was suspicious there was some interesting employer tax deduction here, as is the case with many industrial employee benefits. After becoming a landlord myself and conducting research as part of an apartment complex purchase, it turns out … Read more