Early Thoughts on Christian Transhumanism

I’ve thought about Christian Transhumanism off and on in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a deep dive. I will be reading and listening more soon, but this article summarizes my current thoughts as of now. This line of thought is inspired by listening to a pair of podcast episodes: Ep 37: … Read more

The 5-Link Chain of Great Black Thinkers

Today is Juneteenth, and we are in the midst of both a pandemic and a movement for social justice. Black lives matter, so how can we empower our black brothers and sisters, as well as other minorities? If we are convinced that conservatism is true, which I am, then we should look to conservative Great … Read more

Elasticity and Efficiency

Does the concept of economic mobility from a firm perspective contradict the notion of robustness implying efficiency? That is, if firms are rapidly and elastically created, used, and destroyed for short-term purposes, should we consider them inefficient? It seems to me that elastic firm dynamics, where a firm is rapidly created, utilized, and destroyed, are … Read more

Apologetics of Gender and Design

This article notes two new apologetic arguments. One is an apologetic from gender, and the other is an argument in favor of design. The apologetic from gender is consistent with a CAE interpretive proof. Gender as Apologetic As an economist, I like to argue for Christianity as an efficient worldview. An efficient worldview can be … Read more

Three Exceptions in Systematic Model Derivation

I recently wrote about a systematic, bias-minimizing approach to exploratory data analysis and model identification. This article clarifies my preferred process and adds two exceptions to the typical process. I begin by collecting data of interest. The data sets aren’t randomly assembled, but neither are they assembled with a particular operationalization in mind. I am … Read more

Updated Economics of Food

This article updates prior discussion on economics of food, with particular attention to meal delivery services. See the bottom of this article for prior discussions. TLDR: The cheapest thing to do is still of course eat ramen or fast, but for those seeking to optimize across price, healthy, and taste, there are now more options … Read more