Facebook is Bad

Facebook is the new Myspace. That was a compliment for about a decade but now it’s not. The style of censorship that Facebook has implemented is too voluminous and prone to error and bias to make it an acceptable communication forum. Facebook has a checkered history in this regard. Sometimes they admit fault and sometimes … Read more

Fixing SSL Zen Unexpected Expiry

I use Let’s Encrypt to get free SSL certificates for WordPress via a plugin called SSL Zen. I recently had an unexpected SSL expiration and users were seeing “This site may not be secure” warnings. This article documents how I fixed the issue. Basically, I wrote the solution here. Why did the issue occur in … Read more

The Collected Works of Ludwig von Mises

A friend of mine named Ash Navabi recently mentioned: Everyone knows I’m a big fan of the economist Ludwig von Mises. One great thing is that nearly everything Mises ever wrote is available for free online. But what’s always frustrated me was the fact that there was no single, complete, comprehensive source that collected all … Read more

Kitchen Sink Regression and Horse Racing

I recently had a paper rejected due to the use of parameter horse racing and kitchen sink regression. This article describes a critical issue with that rejection criteria. A kitchen sink regression occurs when an analyst takes all available data and regresses it against some dependent variable. This risks overfitting where relationships are found in … Read more