A Dissertation Update

I have been working on a PhD at George Mason University since Fall 2015. This article summarizes current progress. I began working on the dissertation in 2018. GMU has a useful progress tracking tool here. The deadline to advance to candidacy is 6 years, so I’m pushing that. To graduate has a deadline of 9 … Read more A Dissertation Update

Pioneer Hackathon Retrospective

This article describes what I learned during recent hackathon participation. Before I dive in, let me give a shoutout to this great team, and a double-shoutout to Ben Awad for organizing the team: Alex Luong (Twitter, GitHub) Ben Awad (Twitter, GitHub) Radi Huq (Twitter, GitHub) First I’ll describe the hackathon, then I will describe what … Read more Pioneer Hackathon Retrospective

An 8 Week Coding Curriculum

This article outlines a curriculum that can be used by a senior programmer to mentor and train a learner from scratch. This curriculum is heavily applied with a focus on web development. As of 2020, I recommend learning React for reasons outlined here. I recommend learning SQL over NoSQL for employability reasons. I recommend following … Read more An 8 Week Coding Curriculum

Deno, Grammarly, and Windows

This article documents a use case I have for Deno on Windows. It describes what Deno is, why I wanted to use it, some issues I ran into, and how I solved those issues. What is Deno and why use it? Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. While it is still experimental, … Read more Deno, Grammarly, and Windows

Contra Flattening the Curve: Epidemiology vs Economics

This article discusses a major problem with epidemiological models that utilize a fixed value for healthcare system capacity. The problem is that healthcare system capacity isn’t fixed. As in all other economic goods and services, supply increases with demand. Regulators, policymakers, and academics are all too often acting under the assumption of fixed healthcare capacity, … Read more Contra Flattening the Curve: Epidemiology vs Economics