A Quick Note on the COVID Death Rate in the US

Political leaders have already jumped to leverage this crisis into pork for their interest, passing a $2 T package which is 50-80% nonsense. I’ll list some of the problematic line-items later in this post. My key point in this post is to highlight the fact that the US had the world’s best healthcare response before … Read more

Coronavirus Case Data Illustrates Heteroskedasticity

Coronavirus statistical case data is an ideal illustration of the concept of statistical heteroskedasticity. Test coverage and data quality has increased over time. The reliability of data is increasing over time and measurement error variation is decreasing. Measurement error was originally high due to differing policy, testing, and reporting implementations by state and at the … Read more

2019 Tax Year as a Landlord

In one of this guy’s YouTube videos he says a well-run real estate operation should result in nearly tax-free income. I’ve been extremely skeptical about that, so I’ve been reluctant to scale my real estate land-lording to a bunch of units. This article reports my personal experience, and the result is that, yeah, the YouTube … Read more