On the Plausibility of the Resurrection

Perhaps the central miracle in Christianity is the death and resurrection of Christ. At first glance, such an event seems to push the boundaries of what is possible. On second thought, however, resurrections are frequently observed even today, or perhaps especially today. Let’s first disclaim the possibility of anachronism. Notions of what constitute life and … Read more On the Plausibility of the Resurrection

Included Variable Bias

In statistics we often complain about omitted variable bias. Throughout my academic training, however, I have never been instructed against included variable bias. Omitted variable bias is the case where a regression fails to include a right hand factor. As a result, some of the explanatory power that the missing factor properly deserves is improperly … Read more Included Variable Bias

Christianity Without Certainty is OK

I think it’s possible for a person to be certain in their own Christian faith, but I also think it’s reasonable for a person to identify as Christian without needing to demonstrate that Christianity is true with certainty. More generally, I think it is valid to claim that a statement is true without needing to … Read more Christianity Without Certainty is OK