Current Research Goals

This article identifies various goals I currently have and assesses their compatibility with my presently preferred dissertation topic. The goal of my research is twofold: Prepare for an enjoyable career Make an actionable contribution to the literature An enjoyable career is one which balances income with other benefits. The specific other benefits I have in … Read more Current Research Goals

3 Research Questions for Degreed

Degreed is the leading aggregator of alternative credentials. Their intent is to “jailbreak the degree,” or displace the traditional 4 year bachelor’s education. Section I outlines proposed research questions, emphasizing my preferred question. Section II describes a few possible research designs. Section III notes a collection of related things I have previously written. Section I: … Read more 3 Research Questions for Degreed

Autoacculturation and Threshold Earning

This article argues that culture affects productivity and therefore income-maximizing immigrants will engage in autoacculturation, which is considered to be a preference for native values over values from the immigrant’s homeland. In contrast, threshold earners are expected to engage a lower degree of acculturation. If true, we should expect threshold earners to be more culturally … Read more Autoacculturation and Threshold Earning

Grit Research is Alive and Well

“True Grit…” by Rimfeld et al (2016) is a current and well received paper. It also gives academic credibility to a rumor I’ve heard around the GMU campus. The rumor is that the personality trait called grit which was pioneered by Duckworth has reached a dead end as a research program. The present article disagrees … Read more Grit Research is Alive and Well

How To Self-Publish a Book With WordPress

This article presents a method of converting your WordPress content to an eBook or a physical book. Tons of articles like this already exist, but this article presents a fundamentally different approach which I think gives you more detailed control of the produced book. If you are looking for a quick conversion and you are … Read more How To Self-Publish a Book With WordPress

Two Dispositions in Economic Analysis

This article makes what I consider to be the obvious argument for what economists should do. As all people should, economists should do what is good. Peculiar to economists is the tool set of economic analysis. I propose that a good economist makes use of the analytical tools of economics to achieve good things. I … Read more Two Dispositions in Economic Analysis

Spring 2017 Class Notes Through 2/8/17

This article lists some notes based on my Spring 2017 class meetings and readings. I’m taking Public Choice II with Caplan, Theory of the Market Process II with Wagner, and Non-Market Decision Making with Leeson as part of the GMU Economics Ph.D. Caplan notes: Publishable paper: Does political knowledge demonstrate lagged political return to learning? … Read more Spring 2017 Class Notes Through 2/8/17

Contra Iannaccone’s “Sacrifice and Stigma…”

Iannaccone, 1989, Sacrifice and Stigma… runs contra empirical data. The traditional definition of a sect is a small religious offshoot. On this definition, empirically successful sects do not engage in sacrifice and stigma. Where success is defined as growth in membership and revenue. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Adventists aren’t successful and they do have stigma. … Read more Contra Iannaccone’s “Sacrifice and Stigma…”

10 Questions: Do You Value Wealth or Happiness?

In typical financial planning an individual will seek to maximize wealth, perhaps adjusted a bit to smooth income over the course of their life or due to risk considerations. Economic planning, in contrast, favors optimizing on happiness or utility instead of material wealth alone. This article presents 10 questions to help you determine your degree … Read more 10 Questions: Do You Value Wealth or Happiness?

Categorical Certainty: Contra Radical Uncertainty

This article defends economic forecasting against the critique of radical uncertainty, which is also called Knightian uncertainty. I grant such uncertainty exists but I argue it simply requires minor compensation from standard analytical methods. Here are some criticisms against standard equilibrium analysis: Radical uncertainty Radical subjectivism Irrationality Here are my defenses: Categorical Certainty + Confidence … Read more Categorical Certainty: Contra Radical Uncertainty