Contra Sample Splitting

Marek Kirejczyk discussed a negative trend in software development called Hype Driven Development. I’m here to argue the same thing happens in data, econometrics, and academia. I’ll give two examples: the p-value and sample splitting. My real focus here is to convince the reader that sample splitting is a trendy trick but it is in … Read more Contra Sample Splitting

Todo: Fix this Job Training Meta-Analysis

This article argues that a good paper would be to augment a particular job training meta-analysis. Ehrenberg and Smith (2016) is a highly successful (in terms of citation count) and current text on labor economics and public policy. In a section called “Is Public Sector Training a Good Social Investment?” it is effectively demonstrated that … Read more Todo: Fix this Job Training Meta-Analysis

An Odd Argument for Belief in God – The Vandivierian Wager

Note: This article was originally featured in April 2013 a guest blog article on JTHMishMash, but that site has since gone offline. So I am publishing it here. In this article I cover an original argument for belief in God. If this argument holds then belief in the Christian God is preferable to other worldviews. … Read more An Odd Argument for Belief in God – The Vandivierian Wager

Markets as Optimal Voting Systems

This article demonstrates that markets are an optimized voting system. I argue: Markets maximize corrected voter expression Markets solve Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem Further evidence economics is politics and vice versa. To have an optimal political system we need to have an optimal voting system. Such a system will: Allow voters to precisely express their desires. … Read more Markets as Optimal Voting Systems

McAfee’s Miscalculation

John McAfee is a well known technologist and member of the liberty movement. He invented McAfee anti-virus software, so his tech of choice is security, and he was a Libertarian Party candidate for President although he was bested in the primary by Gary Johnson. McAfee’s approach to security is essentially opposite my own: He takes … Read more McAfee’s Miscalculation

This Pro-Christianity Video Just Survived r/atheism

Among the many examples of real-world miracles we can point to, I have just discovered another: A pro-Christianity YouTube video which not only survived r/atheism, but it did so while bashing Bill Nye and advocating Creationism! Here’s the video, which basically makes a transcendental argument for God from the existence of numbers. You could call … Read more This Pro-Christianity Video Just Survived r/atheism

Anarcho-Capitalism in The Economist

The Economist leans left and NeoKeynesian. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I smelled Pete Leeson on their pages. What exactly is an entrepreneur? is a pretty dope article on Schumpeterian entrepreneurship, one of the better approaches imho. They cite a solid article by Magnus Henrekson and Tino Sanandaji, but the description of the paper … Read more Anarcho-Capitalism in The Economist

4 Problems with Austrian Economics

This article outlines 4 problems with Austrian economics. Specifically, I’m arguing with Mises in 3 cases and in with Kirzner in 1. 1 Not all human action is rational Depending on how you slice it, my assertion here could be taken as merely semantic or very serious. I agree that human action as described by … Read more 4 Problems with Austrian Economics

Economic Calculation is Possible Without Prices

I argue three key points in this article. First, there are parameters which can substitute for prices to make any economic problem solvable. Second, prices themselves cannot emerge without these priors, so the priors are logically superior in necessity. Third, it’s possible for a single mind to plan the economy of a group in a … Read more Economic Calculation is Possible Without Prices