Caplan on Christianity

I was disappointed to learn today that Bryan Caplan, an economist, scholar, and thinker I regard highly, is member to the statistical generalization that more intelligent folks tend secular. This article will discuss selected religious commentary by Dr. Caplan, the result of comparative application of the Ideological Turing Test created by Caplan to Christians and … Read more

Starbucks Equilibrium

This article argues that economics should begin to think in terms of real variable maximization, as opposed to utility maximization, using a lighthearted Starbucks analogy. Take a look at this: I’m a fan of coffee. I drink it for two reasons. First, it tastes good. Second, it has caffeine. Today the thought crossed my mind: … Read more


This article will treat econometric method with economic analysis. There are three points of econometrics I would like to take issue with, based on economic reasoning: Convenience data is bad Low n is bad Omitted variable bias is the only thing I would like to argue against all three of these based on the decreasing … Read more