Further Against Logarithmic Transformation

I previously wrote about that using logarithmic transformations outside of a narrow range is statistically invalid and results in an exponentially increasing level of error. Perhaps more important than the statistical error committed by the log transformation is the gross disregard for logic and mathematical properties. In this article I will show log transformations are … Read more Further Against Logarithmic Transformation

Log Growth Rates: Stop Doing That

In economics and also widely in statistics and data science, it is considered acceptable to use log growth rates. In fact, you would have a hard time passing my intro Ph.D. macro class without them. But they shouldn’t be used. The validity of how log growth rates are often used depends on a simplification. The … Read more Log Growth Rates: Stop Doing That

Is Umpqua Community College a Gun Free Zone?

Is Umpqua Community College really a Gun Free Zone? As a firm advocate of the right to bear arms and a strong conservative, let me make the answer crystal clear: No, Umpqua Community College is not a gun free zone. However, while the pop conservatives in the media and the interwebs are technically innacurate for … Read more Is Umpqua Community College a Gun Free Zone?