Criminal Investigation and Intelligent Design

This article argues that criminal investigation is applied intelligent design. When a cop seeks motive or to investigate conformity to modus operandi, he or she is actually using concepts foundational to intelligent design. Specifically, the investigator assumes the teleological nature of intelligence and that intelligence is the source of complex specified information (CSI). Investigators also … Read more

On Managing Web Links

I am currently in the process of making some drastic changes to the website. None are visible yet, but I wanted to go ahead and write a How To regarding one thing I recently did – rapidly restructure thousands of web links. My website uses topic pages to reference collections of articles on specific topics. … Read more

Open Source and Privacy

This article will note some evidence which supports the theory that the market is moving towards an open source post-scarcity economy. I then briefly discuss privacy concerns in such a context, arguing that we really don’t want privacy. Evidence that we are moving towards an open source post-scarcity economy: Microsoft and Apple proprietary OS usage … Read more

The Intelligence Bubble: A New IT Bubble, or More?

This article argues that there may be a bubble in intelligence, and it also clarifies why there may not be a bubble in intelligence. We also define what we mean by intelligence. I am using the general term intelligence to refer to three things: Business intelligence including big data, analytics, and so on. Public intelligence … Read more

Thoughts on Social Mobility

Below is a video I recently watched and enjoyed from Brookings on social mobility: My thoughts: I agree that mobility is more important than distribution of income. Perfect income inequality is bad. It would eliminate incentives for productivity. Advocating eliminating poverty under a relative definition of poverty is a trick for advocating perfect income inequality. … Read more