Ancap Thoughts

I frequently make a mistake which may seem small or even intentional to other anarchists, but in fact it is not. I say I oppose government. But, if we are being more rigorous, is it necessary for an anarcho-capitalist to oppose government or authority per se? I think and hope not. I think it is … Read more Ancap Thoughts

True Demand

Demand is a key consideration in economics. Demand is important at the aggregate level, but recent literature has focused on the need for better microfoundations. This article will add to the understanding of microeconomic demand by developing the concept called true demand. In economics demand can either refer to aggregate or market demand, or it … Read more True Demand

Selective GOTV Tactics

When you use phones during a campaign GOTV effort you may engage in three types of phone calls. Push-polls are polls which use leading questions to intentionally get people to answer a certain way. These are used for the same reason as another technique, called advo GOTV or advocacy. The intent in both of these … Read more Selective GOTV Tactics

David Friedman, Poker, and World Peace

Friedmanian anarchism is a phrase I use independently, although I checked and Google reports one prior use in the same manner I intend, here, which is to refer to David Friedman’s approach to and description of anarcho-capitalism. Friedmanian anarchism emphasizes a concept called the discipline of constant dealings to explain how anarchic order can originate … Read more David Friedman, Poker, and World Peace

GDP Does not Equal Gross Domestic Income

One of the first things learned in any introductory macroeconomics class is that national income equals national product. This is called the national income identity. The identity works fine in theory given certain assumptions, but it does not hold in the real world, nor does it hold in theory under realistic assumptions. The national income … Read more GDP Does not Equal Gross Domestic Income