Is Justin Bieber Illuminati?

This article discusses whether or not Justin Bieber is in the Illuminati and why it doesn’t matter very much. Mark Dice is a pretty great guy. He studies conspiracy and stuff like that. He notes that Justin Bieber has an owl tattoo, but not just any owl tattoo. It is a particular image of the … Read more Is Justin Bieber Illuminati?

Another Argument for Anarchism

This article is to present a great video from an episode of the Tom Woods radio show and then to present a defense of the State. Yes you heard that last part right. An Anarcho-Capitalist is going to make an argument in defense of the State. First, please find the video below. Michael Huemer, author … Read more Another Argument for Anarchism

In Support of Christian Anarchism

This article partly reconciles Christianity and Anarchism, at least in the form of peaceful, legal anarcho-capitalism. While I am an anarchist, I am also a gradualist and an advocate of peaceful and legal anarchism. I want an anarchy, but I don’t want an anarchy today. I think it would result in socio-political and economic shock … Read more In Support of Christian Anarchism

Re: 11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway

This article is a response to “11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway.” The author of that article argues that many Christians have self-serving interpretations of the Bible and are essentially hypocrites. The author also mentions that it is beyond his comprehension that some people would, “get so zealous about that issue that … Read more Re: 11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway

Two Predictions

This article covers two predictions I am making based on economic theory, one prediction on a bitcoin-denominated stock price and the other on the effects of Colorado marijuana tax policy.   PETA is an unregulated stock-like commodity, denominated in bitcoin and traded on Havelock. As discussed here, they recently came out with a product that significantly beat quality … Read more Two Predictions

Evaluating Human Life

This article covers a technique to value human life. Putting a financial value on human life can be a controversial thing for many moral reasons, but in reality there are a number of ways to measure it. Perhaps surprisingly, these techniques are already used in policy evaluation and other areas. In some industries there is … Read more Evaluating Human Life

Comparative Government Efficiency

This article discusses the fact that government is usually less efficient that the free market and estimates the inefficiency factor. We then correct a classic view of measuring cost to society of government intrusion into a free market by introducing the government inefficiency factor to a standard measurement model. Government inefficiency is a hot topic on … Read more Comparative Government Efficiency

Re: Wikipedia, “Euromaidan” (!=Spontaneous)

This article covers what I believe are the real reasons for the protests in Ukraine. Euromaidan is the name the media has given the pro-UN integration movement in Ukraine. As one might predict, the Wikipedia page on the subject has some very good information and also some very bad information. This article is intended to correct … Read more Re: Wikipedia, “Euromaidan” (!=Spontaneous)

Re: U.S. Military Trains for War on 2nd Amendment

This article is my response to a video alleging that the US is training for a War on the 2nd Amendment. Here’s the video: I’m not upset about a new training ground and I’m skeptical that the sole intent of this facility is to train for an offensive civil war campaign. I’m upset that Christians … Read more Re: U.S. Military Trains for War on 2nd Amendment