Tom Woods VS Friedman?

This article will discuss the ongoing Austrian V Chicago Economics debate and voice my rare disappointment with Tom Woods. First of all let me say that I am a huge fan of Tom Woods in general, but on this issue he disappoints me. David Friedman is an avid proponent of a unique brand of post-monetarist … Read more

Diversity and Competition

This article will cover the importance of recognition of the heterogeneous quality of information and how that relates to market competition. Hot on the heels of MLK Day, let’s talk about another kind of diversity. Information is diverse. Even seemingly identical information is not really identical. Consider that you and I both look at a … Read more

Christian Epistemology and the Argument from Argument

This article will briefly discuss why Christians have a justified epistomology, atheists/agnostics/etc do not (although other theists may) and the argument from argument. Christians Have a Justified Epistomology Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 1:1) For anyone who has been baptized into the spirit (of Christ, the Holy Spirit), it is … Read more

6 Logical Principles

This article will cover 6 logical insights which are applicable to scientific analysis and philosophy. 1 – The Expanded Principle of Non-Contradiction Two nonequivalent statements cannot simultaneously be true and contradictory. The principle of non-contradiction holds that if A is true, A’ (that is, the negation of A) cannot also be true. An example would … Read more