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Issues in Modern Microeconomics

This is the longer form of a term paper turned in as part of Wagner’s Theory of the Market Process II, Spring 2017. The more concise version, which was actually turned in, is available for download here. Introduction This paper

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Two Dispositions in Economic Analysis

This article makes what I consider to be the obvious argument for what economists should do. As all people should, economists should do what is good. Peculiar to economists is the tool set of economic analysis. I propose that a

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A Few More Thoughts on Rationality

In continuation of a previous article, this article lists a few more thoughts on rational actor theory. I think there are mainly 3 comparative economic understandings of rationality and irrationality: For Austrians and similar theorists, rationality is tautologically true. The

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Non-Becker Rationality and Kahneman Irrationality

This article provides two Ideological Turing exercises: One argument in defense of hard-line Chicago rationality and one in defense of the existence of economic irrationality. I don’t think Gary Becker or any of the big Chicago names (eg Friedman) ever

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