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On Work-Derived Open Source Code

I am active on StackOverflow and other Stack Exchange sites. I don’t usually post my questions and answers redundantly on afterecon.com, but I think this is a useful exception. See this answer from a Stack Exchange site called The Workplace.

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Github Gamified: Good?

This article explores the pros and cons of treating GitHub as a game. GitHub is a place where coders put their code. It serves as a technical tool, but it also serves as a social network and signaling device. Rep

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Business Consulting: Marginless Business Strategy

Marginal costs are a major component of business costs. This article will address specific techniques and technologies which can be used to eliminate marginal costs for businesses. Collectively, these points create a business strategy which I am a huge fan

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Why You Should Reference Wikipedia

This article will discuss reasons to reference Wikipedia pages. Wikipedia is a great resource with a mixed reputation. It is lauded as an introductory or quick reference, but despised as an academic one. The reason is simply that it is easily

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