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McAfee’s Miscalculation

John McAfee is a well known technologist and member of the liberty movement. He invented McAfee anti-virus software, so his tech of choice is security, and he was a Libertarian Party candidate for President although he was bested in the

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Virtual Competition Solves Geographic Monopoly

This article defines virtual competition and argues that it is a mechanism to solve geographic monopoly. Virtual competition is competition conducted through exchanges of information. Financial competition, reputation, marketing, and so on are all subsets of virtual competition. Such mechanisms

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5 Reasons Markets Are More About Coordination Than Competition

This article gives 5 reasons that markets are better described as systems of social coordination instead of systems of competition. Monopoly markets exist. If there’s a monopoly there isn’t any competition. Some may argue that monopolistic markets are inefficient but

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A Short Discussion on Economics of Organization

This article will make a few short points on the economics of organization. I will argue that in the long run the optimal structure of organization is the individual within a network, that we are progressing towards that model but

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Defining Government

This article seeks to define government. I recently read some of the work of David Friedman and watched a video of his speech at PorcFest. He attacked, I think successfully, the Weberian definition of government. He then provided his own

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