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Tim Ferris Manages Up on Remote Work

As a software developer, it’s super weird that I have to manage and train my organizational superiors. It’s a notion that economists and business thinkers in academia generally rule out before the analysis, but it’s a real thing. Software development

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Pamorama: 50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management

[From John: This article is an amazing compilation of social media tools by Pam Dyer who runs a remarkable site. I realize it is not within the usual interest of the site to discuss things like this, but social media is

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Vandivier Organizational Axiom

“Larger organizations have simpler goals while smaller organizations have more diverse goals.” Or, more rigorously: “Ceteris paribus, an organization with one less goal will never have a lesser number of potential members, where a potential member is defined as someone

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