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Tim Ferris Manages Up on Remote Work

As a software developer, it’s super weird that I have to manage and train my organizational superiors. It’s a notion that economists and business thinkers in academia generally rule out before the analysis, but it’s a real thing. Software development

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More on Business Perks

This article expands on my business checklist in two ways. Section I discusses the importance of employee benefits. Section II discusses some concrete current benefits your firm may want to consider. Section III discusses the role of a business consultant

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Your Company Needs an EWW Policy

This article adds an item to my business consulting checklist. Here I argue that SMEs need an Extended Work Week policy. EWW, It’s Benefits, and The Mechanism EWW also goes by a number of other names such as Straight Overtime.

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Business Consulting: Marginless Business Strategy

Marginal costs are a major component of business costs. This article will address specific techniques and technologies which can be used to eliminate marginal costs for businesses. Collectively, these points create a business strategy which I am a huge fan

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200 Point Business Checklist

It’s not actually 200 points at the moment, but here’s the checklist: Do you have an accounting issue? Do you have dedicated accounting staff? Do you have dedicated accounting software? Consider some. QuickBooks Quicken PeachTree Bookkeeper Excel is OK for

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Project Managers and Knowledge Types

This article will discuss a fundamental economic inefficiency with Project Managers and Middle Management and how this leads into a delineation of knowledge types.   The Fundamental Problem With Project Managers and Middle Management “I don’t have the local knowledge

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The Real Link Between Technology and Entrepreneurship

In the mind of American culture, and perhaps other cultures as well, technology and entrepreneurship are inextricably linked. One usual explanation is the idea of particularly creative people. These creative people are into creating new inventions and are also able

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Two Models for a Marketing Plan

This article will discuss two models for a marketing plan. One model is a “Minimum Viable Marketing Plan,” which discusses the bare minimum I would consider to be a marketing plan. The other is a “Full Marketing Plan,” which discusses

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A Short Discussion on Economics of Organization

This article will make a few short points on the economics of organization. I will argue that in the long run the optimal structure of organization is the individual within a network, that we are progressing towards that model but

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There is Not a Government Shutdown

The government has undergone a procedure that has taken a media label which is also a misnomer. The procedure has been labeled a “government shutdown.” The media is calling an apple an orange. There is no government shutdown. In reality

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