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Price-Based vs Event-Based BTC Forecasting

One reason I got out of stock trading and into crypto trading years ago is because it was clear that stocks were being driven by events and news much more than fundamentals, and it was nearly impossible for me to

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I Wish Hodlbot Did This One Thing

HodlBot is a very cool piece of software which operates like an index fund. You pay HodlBot money and HodlBot will allocate a portfolio of cryptocurrency purchases for you. HodlBot supports custom portfolio allocations by coin. You can tell HodlBot

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Yes, I Called the 2018 eth/btc Rebound

I previously predicted what would happen with Ethereum and Bitcoin at a temporal distance (here, here, here, and here, for example). I then called it again live at the turning point: Here’s today: As one friend noted, I was one

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How to Obtain Cryptocurrency

I recently wrote some intermediate to advanced articles on cryptocurrency (How Will the Futures Market Affect BTC Price and Ripe for Altcoins), but what about those new to the ecosystem? This article covers the basics of how to obtain cryptocurrency.

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How Will the Futures Market Affect BTC Price?

As of this morning I am fully out of crypto. (Once again. I have gone in and out.) I am expecting a BTC price crash as a result of CME and CBOE futures markets opening on Dec 10 and 18.

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Stay Away from BitBet

BitBet is a well known bitcoin-based betting site. I’m highly pro-prediction market, so in the past I’ve been a proponent of the site. What I didn’t realize is that the betting system is manually administrated by username Znort, which is

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The Multiplier Defect

This article discusses the fact that taxation has a multiplier defect, just as government spending has a multiplier effect. Once this is brought into a coherent macroeconomic model, the magical relative benefit of government spending compared to private spending vanishes.

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Two Predictions

This article covers two predictions I am making based on economic theory, one prediction on a bitcoin-denominated stock price and the other on the effects of Colorado marijuana tax policy.   PETA is an unregulated stock-like commodity, denominated in bitcoin

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US Senate: Chairman Carper statement on the unveiling of the so-called “Silk Road 2.0” website

[From John: This article shows that political reform which reduces regulation on technology may be politically feasible in the not so far future! Even so, the lobbying approach is not a particularly good approach. I advocate a balanced approach of

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Real Decentralization Includes Full Denationalization

This article will argue that denationalization is a necessary component of a free market society. This is important because without the idea of citizenship the idea of a state becomes radically different from the modern state and much more like the

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