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Further Contra Uncertainty

This article further criticizes the notion of Knightian uncertainty which is often used to attack equilibrium theory. Section II highlights some past work. I recently watched and old debate between Caplan and Boettke. The debate focuses on the validity of

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Tom Woods VS Friedman?

This article will discuss the ongoing Austrian V Chicago Economics debate and voice my rare disappointment with Tom Woods. First of all let me say that I am a huge fan of Tom Woods in general, but on this issue

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The Death of Old Austrianism

This article will argue that much of the Austrian school of economics is not valid, although it may be resuscitated if certain key steps are quickly taken. The fact that it is not falsifiable makes it not scientific, but not

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Calling Didier’s Economic Bluff

Tldr – While Didier’s talk is interesting, he fails to sufficiently defend or even describe his methodology. There is a great debate in economics about the ability to control economic systems. The Austrian, Classical and Free Market views emphasize that

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Zerocoin and Bitcoin: Taking Anonymity to the Next Level

Bitcoin has been changing. Drastically. Business Insider says that Bitcoin is selling its soul. Bloomberg, on the other hand, continues the line that bitcoin is a revolution bound to change the world for the better. What has changed? Basically there

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“Economic Experts” Still Have No Clue About Bitcoin

This article covers a poll of mainstream “economic experts,” about half Keynesian and half Chicago school or monetarist. No notable Austrians were surveyed. The poll was a statement and the respondents agreed or disagreed. The statement was, “A bitcoin’s value

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Past and Present Alternatives to Bitcoin

As a matter of theory many current monetary thinkers, especially in the Austrian school of economics or those involved in the bleeding edge of technology including Bitcoin, have long anticipated competition to Bitcoin. We see the competition as good and

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