Gun Hypocrisy

“Every children should be kept safe at all times,” the facebook photo caption read. I ignored the poor grammar, lured by the radical implications and immediately shared it. Hypocrite! Obama is trying to infringe our American second amendment right and yet he is pro-gun when it comes to his family! Clearly his actions with his family show that he really knows guns are good for protection. I wonder if he even knows that more guns means less crime?

Too bad the facebook photo was complete garbage. A friend of mine helped me learn that the NRA and Breitbart news were promulgating information which was flatly untrue. This brings up three important things to note in my book:

1 – The classic question of whether lies were spread intentionally or due to incompetence. The answer is that people on the left and on the right both frequently engage in both. What people need to realize is that bad information will be caught eventually and if any trace of intentional use of it is reasonably found it will absolutely destroy credibility. Honesty is the real way to have these debates.

2 – I am a fallible source! In fact, we all are. All the more reason for this blog, rather than being your source of information, should be a starting point for you to do your own research and form your own view.

3 – The fact that the article was wrong doesn’t invalidate the underlying argument. Why? Two words: Secret Service. The Secret Service is armed and protects the Obama family and certain others. How many armed guards follow Obama’s daughters around? Is it 11 like the facebook post claimed? Try as much as 25. Although they apparently scrub records off the internet.

Now I need to go check out that Sylvester Stallone post going around. Seems this hypocrisy thing might be a bit widespread.

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