Quickly Showing that God Exists

There are many proofs and arguments that the Christian God exists, but they are not all equally convincing, concise, intuitive, or orthodox. This article gives 4 concise points which make belief in God preferred if they are accepted, and these points provide a good starting point for a longer discussion in case any of these points are disputed.

Point 1: Proof of A is taken to mean that p(A) > p(A’), not p(A) = 100%.

Points 2-5 are 4 arguments that God exists.

1 – Moral argument: i. objective morality exists, ii. if objective morality exists it must have a source, iii. a source of objective morality exists (called God)

2 – Kalam Cosm Arg: i. Everything which begins to exist must have a cause outside itself, ii. the universe began to exist, iii. the universe has a cause outside itself (called God. Note by being outside the universe this cause must be spaceless and timeless. We only know of two types of such objects: abstract objects and minds. Abstract objects are causally impotent, therefore God must be more akin to a mind-like object; eg cognizant, willful, teleological.)

3 – The Bible is valid (much empirical evidence here: http://www.afterecon.com/religion/#bible-is-valid)

4 – Argument from Economic Rationality. It is preferred to claim and/or believe that God exists even if he doesn’t exist (see i. http://www.afterecon.com/philosophy-religion-and-apologetics/odd-argument-belief-god-vandivierian-wager/ and ii. http://www.afterecon.com/philosophy-religion-and-apologetics/against-moral-autodeterminism/ )

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