Adding to John Vandivier’s Bio

A friend recently invited me to a political discussion. One introductory question was about each individual’s current political attitudes and how they saw those develop in their own lives. What I wrote is repeated here.

I’m an anarcho-capitalist. I’m also a Christian and a conservative, but not a Republican.
I was more or less born into the GOP-leaning camp because it is where most Christians lean, and particularly evangelicals. I was born and raised in Texas in the 1990s, so there’s an additional, strong regional effect. When it came time to vote, I got into it a bit more. I ended up double majoring in economics and political science.

It’s obvious from a glance that the GOP doesn’t act consistent with the conservative label it claims. I moved to DC and thought I could help fix that from the inside out. I worked up to Director of Research at two different GOP political consultancies.

Through that experience, I became convinced that the GOP is unwilling to change, and indeed the entire political system is resistant to positive change. It’s not just an issue with the people involved, although that doesn’t help. The setup of the political system technically makes it hard to change.

So know I’m a programmer! I’m optimistic about technology’s ability to rapidly improve the world, in almost opposite contrast to the political system. I taught myself how to code and I’m also an ABD Ph.D. student in Economics at George Mason.

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