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Bitcoin Price Forecast Update, 11/21/18

The price of bitcoin downwardly broke the 6k barrier last week. This was an unexpected event for me, so I need to update my price movement expectations. I dropped this rough reanalysis on my Facebook after the event: The Great

Why Use Slack or HipChat?

Business often have email and in-office communicators. Do Slack and HipChat offer any advantage over such tools? Yes. I think Slack is a bit better but I have used HipChat more. HipChat is part of the Atlassian stack in case

Charles Lindblom on the Market System

Charles Lindblom describes some advantages and disadvantages of the free market in The Market System. In the last two chapters he then discusses an alternative which he prefers. Keep in mind that Lindblom is widely considered ideologically leftist, liberal or

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US Senate: Chairman Carper statement on the unveiling of the so-called “Silk Road 2.0” website

[From John: This article shows that political reform which reduces regulation on technology may be politically feasible in the not so far future! Even so, the lobbying approach is not a particularly good approach. I advocate a balanced approach of

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