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Collecting Thoughts on Education Research

This article codifies certain thoughts related to my ongoing dissertation work. Section 1 identifies some actionable items. Section 2 notes related articles. Section I. Short Term Goals Finalize dissertation topic I am pursuing a PhD by Publication strategy. 1+ papers

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Ignorance and Equality

This short article mentions a few important considerations when discussing equality. What sort of equality is justified? Any, none, or somewhere in between? I say somewhere in between, spurred by a friend’s Facebook status as follows: Equality is the enemy

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Doubling Down on Altcoins

My PRISM has been doing pretty well since I talked about getting into altcoins, and bitcoin has not been doing so hot. This article notes some additional altcoins I’m grabbing, why, and which exchange I’m using and why. I went

The Odd Bitcoin Crash

On December 9, I called for a short term bitcoin price crash. That is exactly what we are seeing: I was prepared for a more severe USD/BTC crash, and it may continue, but it also may not go much further

How Dumb The Liberal Concept of Force Sounds

Sometimes left-libertarians try to espouse a liberal, or widely scoped, concept of force. Mainly, that forms of expression such as speech or dress can be considered coercive. Not only does the “solution” lead naturally to centralized society via censorship, it

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How to Obtain Cryptocurrency

I recently wrote some intermediate to advanced articles on cryptocurrency (How Will the Futures Market Affect BTC Price and Ripe for Altcoins), but what about those new to the ecosystem? This article covers the basics of how to obtain cryptocurrency.

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Ripe For Altcoins

Bitcoin is going through some weird shit right now, and the crypto space generally, as bitcoin futures are coming online. Today, 12/12, on GDAX, for example, Litecoin went up over 130% on it’s 24 hour price before crashing back down

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Data Driven or Go Home

Yesterday I wrote on my expectation for how institutional investing will alter bitcoin’s price. I referred to an article by CryptoQuantic. I posted my analysis on Reddit and CryptoQuantic saw it. He requested further comment about why I said I disliked the

How Will the Futures Market Affect BTC Price?

As of this morning I am fully out of crypto. (Once again. I have gone in and out.) I am expecting a BTC price crash as a result of CME and CBOE futures markets opening on Dec 10 and 18.

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Stay Away from BitBet

BitBet is a well known bitcoin-based betting site. I’m highly pro-prediction market, so in the past I’ve been a proponent of the site. What I didn’t realize is that the betting system is manually administrated by username Znort, which is

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