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3D Printed Houses in the US by 2020

ICON and New Story debuted a 3D printed house at SXSW. 3D printed houses have been around for over a year, and kind of around since 2014, but they have been made outside the US and non-compliant with US building

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Why Tax Cuts are Great Even if They Don’t Improve X

This article is in specific rebuttal to a recent WaPo piece complaining that the Trump Tax Cuts aren’t going to work. I briefly review the claims in the article, the tax plan itself, and some general theory. I. The Claims

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MB = MC as Weak Analysis

I was scrolling through some of the older things I said on Facebook and found this gem, which I stand by: This was in the particular context of bitcoin price forecasting, which I am notoriously good at. See here and

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Yes, I Called the 2018 eth/btc Rebound

I previously predicted what would happen with Ethereum and Bitcoin at a temporal distance (here, here, here, and here, for example). I then called it again live at the turning point: Here’s today: As one friend noted, I was one

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Business-Efficient Programming

Efficient programming without qualification generally refers to programming which is technically efficient. Technically efficient code optimizes performance while minimizing resource usage. That’s not what this article is about. Efficient programming has a number of secondary meanings, and I’m talking about

Why Smart Employers Leverage EWW and Equity

I previously wrote about why Your Company Needs an EWW Policy and other benefits. This article will further argue in support of EWW and equity. I. The Main Point It’s all about MB = MC. In basic economics, firm productive efficiency

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Results from a Survey About Education

Early results based on a recent Alternative Creds Baseline Attitudinal survey. Sampled 2/26. Outline: Survey Objective and Content Findings Some Related Theory Related External Articles I. Survey Objective and Content 1.1 Objective Contribute to research on alternative credentials mainly by understanding factors

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Alternative Paths to Traditional Education

I’ve written quite a bit on the economics of education. My focus has been on alternative credentials. This article distinguishes a concept called an alternative path and describes the importance of that concept. Outline: Definitions Big Picture Theoretical Context Applied

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Elon Musk, Secrecy, and Efficiency

It’s obvious in elementary economic theory that free information permits optimal competition, pricing, economic growth, and social health in many other forms. This theory, however, is often practically contested. This article gives a concrete example of secrecy impacting competition. Elon

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Collecting Thoughts on Education Research

This article codifies certain thoughts related to my ongoing dissertation work. Section 1 identifies some actionable items. Section 2 notes related articles. Section I. Short Term Goals Finalize dissertation topic I am pursuing a PhD by Publication strategy. 1+ papers

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