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Jerusalem, Israel, and Palestine

I expected to get roasted by my liberal friend and his liberal friends on a recent comment I made. I argued for the validity of the Israeli claim to Jerusalem. Instead I got lotsa likes. So I thought maybe it’d

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Data Driven or Go Home

Yesterday I wrote on my expectation for how institutional investing will alter bitcoin’s price. I referred to an article by CryptoQuantic. I posted my analysis on Reddit and CryptoQuantic saw it. He requested further comment about why I said I disliked the

How Will the Futures Market Affect BTC Price?

As of this morning I am fully out of crypto. (Once again. I have gone in and out.) I am expecting a BTC price crash as a result of CME and CBOE futures markets opening on Dec 10 and 18.

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Stay Away from BitBet

BitBet is a well known bitcoin-based betting site. I’m highly pro-prediction market, so in the past I’ve been a proponent of the site. What I didn’t realize is that the betting system is manually administrated by username Znort, which is

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Semantics of Higher Education Appropriations

Caplan’s forthcoming The Case Against Education is a great read. It validates the signaling model applied to traditional education. It makes the case for lower federal spending on formal education as well as reduced private consumption of traditional formal higher

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Education ABM Statement of Intent

CSS 739 Research Outline John Vandivier Structure and Objectives Section I reviews the structure of this outline and notes personal research objectives based on the class objective document submitted prior in the semester. Section II is a working outline for

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More on Business Perks

This article expands on my business checklist in two ways. Section I discusses the importance of employee benefits. Section II discusses some concrete current benefits your firm may want to consider. Section III discusses the role of a business consultant

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Your Company Needs an EWW Policy

This article adds an item to my business consulting checklist. Here I argue that SMEs need an Extended Work Week policy. EWW, It’s Benefits, and The Mechanism EWW also goes by a number of other names such as Straight Overtime.

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Business Attire as Conformity Signaling

This article is an answer to a homework question on signaling, asked as part of a class on Caplan’s forthcoming The Case Against Education. My actual answer was half this long as I realized after the fact it should be

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Uncertainty as Missing Business Logic

This article takes a new perspective in identifying uncertainty, but arrives at the same ol’ conclusion: It does not preclude modelling and simply entails a reduction in confidence of model outcomes. Suppose we have an aggregate model with panel data.

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