An Approach to Reading the Bible: Moderate Literalism and Methodological Plausibility

This article argues in favor of moderate literalism as an ideal mode for reading the Bible. I compare it to two other modes. I also discuss a concept called methodological plausibility which can be used outside of religion as a

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7 Concrete Use Cases for Seasteading

Part of me fears actions based on abstract rather than concrete thinking. Seasteading has immense theoretical backing as an avenue for needed competitive governance, but where would the funding for a Seastead come from? Imho, the concern is not that

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The Independent Effect of Education on Christianity

There are lots of studies on the link between education and religion. Mainly they find a low-magnitude negative correlation between the level of education and religiousness. More interesting studies uncover a more complicated picture, however: More educated folks are more

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The Many Gods Problem

Today I want to issue a challenge: Show me a single valid criticism of Christianity. I plan on dealing with Huemer’s Scary Bible Quotes, but let me know if you are aware of any other criticisms. In anticipation of such

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5 Rando Facts on Immigration

This article discusses 5 random facts related to immigration policy. #1 Economic analysis mainly shows that more immigration is good for everyone. My analysis even indicates that deporting illegal immigrants is more costly than beneficial. See this article for more

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DRY is a good first-pass rule of thumb, but RYE is optimal. “Repeat yourself efficiently” Examples: Add a data-attr to an HTML element so that some data can be read from it using $ rather than a longer jQuery selector

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More on Miracles

This article reviews two articles I recently encountered related to miracles: 74% Of Doctors Believe In Miracles, 55% Have Seen Them From a fellow atheist: How unlikely would an event have to be for you to consider it divine providence?

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Rational Preference for God

Many apologetic arguments or empirical findings present evidence for the existence of God. I previously identified Pascal’s Wager as an interesting sort of argument that advocates for belief in God without establishing the existence of God. I built on that

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Some Research Topics

I am continuing my dissertation research in order to find a suitable topic. This article highlights potential research questions. There are a variety of Self-Directed Learning Strategies observed by researchers, but are these trainable things or are they categories created

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Key Papers in the Economics of Education Part 1

This article is the first in a series noting interesting papers in the economics of education. See this article for more details. Journal of Engineering Education (2017), Change and Education Research. J. Eng. Educ., 106: 3. doi:10.1002/jee.20158 This brief editor’s

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