Top 5 Reasons to Choose Christianity

Christianity is true.Empirically credible and based on real events.Logically and theologically consistent.Institutional credibility: It’s old and market-tested.Christianity puts love first.Islam: SubmissionBuddhism: Minimize suffering.Christianity: Be Christ-like. This is completely expressed as love.Christianity is your best return on investment.Salvation by faith alone.Christianity

Base Component Naming

Say I have a project called React Report Maker and it has a report component. Components should be super generic right? So I should probably just call the containing file report.js right? Wrong. Generic components are great but if they

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Plz Appropriate Me Bro

Obviously white people, on average, obtain higher levels of income and various other measures of success in America. You can call this White Privilege and call on government intervention to solve the problem, but this is a band aid solution.

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Patience Over Race

While much of the news over how to improve society today revolves around such topics a supposed need to reduce white privilege, a study published just today has found that a person’s ability to delay instant gratification is a more

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Fact Checking Cabot Phillips on Dat Micky Deez

I have no idea who Cabot Phillips is but he made the following social media claim: Is that true or sensationalist? Yep, but I was able to produce similar results with easily accessible data, and there is probably some data

Continuing Trends in Religion

Pew continues to do good research on religious growth trends. The indication is that Islam is growing and will continue to grow rapidly through 2060, although it is not expected to overtake Christianity in terms of world population share. You

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Economic Eating

AfterEcon is all about what to after having studied economics. That is, it is all about applying economics (distinct from the study of Applied Economics). This article reviews some recent dietary changes I’ve made through that lens. When I was

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The No Goalposts Fallacy

It’s kind of like the moving the goalposts fallacy, but not. It happens frequently when discussing God with atheists. The most obvious example is with regard for evidence on the existence of God. Atheists will sometimes say they so no evidence

Biblical anti-hyperliteralism vs nonliteralism

I have previously written against hyperliteralism, but a recent Reddit post inspired me to clarify that opposing hyperliteralism is not the same as supporting nonliteralism. From the Reddit post: My position on Christianity being revealed would only serve to create

Learning to Build a Budget While an Undergrad

  This article is provided by Jetty, an innovative renter’s insurance provider. If you want to avoid paying a large security deposit, or if you need a guarantor to rent, check out Jetty’s services. Higher education is more important than

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