Month: April 2018

Why It’s Important to Capture Hours Worked, Even on Salary

This article quickly notes a few reasons why you, as an employee or an employer, will want the full hours of work recorded on any project, even for salaried employees. Some firms have a practice of limiting the hours recorded

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On Faith

This article points to five useful resources related to the concept of faith in Christianity. These resources defend the notion that faith and empiricism are complimentary rather than antagonistic. 1 – This Reddit Atheist Realizes that Atheists Engage in Faith

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3D Printed Houses in the US by 2020

ICON and New Story debuted a 3D printed house at SXSW. 3D printed houses have been around for over a year, and kind of around since 2014, but they have been made outside the US and non-compliant with US building

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Why Tax Cuts are Great Even if They Don’t Improve X

This article is in specific rebuttal to a recent WaPo piece complaining that the Trump Tax Cuts aren’t going to work. I briefly review the claims in the article, the tax plan itself, and some general theory. I. The Claims

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MB = MC as Weak Analysis

I was scrolling through some of the older things I said on Facebook and found this gem, which I stand by: This was in the particular context of bitcoin price forecasting, which I am notoriously good at. See here and

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Yes, I Called the 2018 eth/btc Rebound

I previously predicted what would happen with Ethereum and Bitcoin at a temporal distance (here, here, here, and here, for example). I then called it again live at the turning point: Here’s today: As one friend noted, I was one

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Thomas Sowell’s Interesting Points on IQ

In his interview with Crowder, Sowell made at least four points I thought were interesting related to IQ, showing IQ to be more nurture and less genetic than previously thought: The first-born child has higher IQ than a later born

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Project Oxygen and Cost Mitigation Value

In this article I argue that corporate management chiefly achieves value through cost mitigation, not genuine productivity enhancement. I do this in part by drawing on Google’s Project Oxygen, as well as my own experience. I previously discussed Google’s Project

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Business-Efficient Programming

Efficient programming without qualification generally refers to programming which is technically efficient. Technically efficient code optimizes performance while minimizing resource usage. That’s not what this article is about. Efficient programming has a number of secondary meanings, and I’m talking about

Why Use Points for Estimation?

I’ve often been asked to map points to hours as part of an estimation process. This kind of works and kind of doesn’t. I’ll give my rule of thumb at the end, but first I want to defend the use

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