Month: March 2018

Metaphorical Truth and Metaphorical Legs

Jordan Peterson discusses metaphorical truth and in one place states that metaphorical truth is “more true” than literal truth. I agree and disagree. I think metaphorical truth is more true when it has legs and less true when it doesn’t

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Materialism and Reincarnation

In this article I argue that physical reincarnation is plausible on materialism, and it need not be incompatible with the notion of heaven. Jordan Peterson has a couple interesting, unorthodox concepts of truth. Rationality Rules is a secular content maker

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Why Smart Employers Leverage EWW and Equity

I previously wrote about why Your Company Needs an EWW Policy and other benefits. This article will further argue in support of EWW and equity. I. The Main Point It’s all about MB = MC. In basic economics, firm productive efficiency

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Does the Coherence of Hell Necessitate Free Will?

This article gives three reasons that hell’s existence is coherent, or logically defensible, even on determinism. Note that I am not suggesting determinism is the case. Rather, I’m arguing there is theological room for all schools: determinism, non-determinism, and compatibility, within

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