Month: April 2017

Against Externalities

I have previously written quite a bit against claims about externalities. This article collects those points in one place and adds a bit more info. Older Points Social Costs = Market Costs, Sept 2014 Defending the Coase Thereom, Attacking Externality

Expressive Voting, Rational Irrationality, and the Size of Government

A recent homework question asked: Expressive voting and rational irrationality seem to predict that local governments will be more efficient than state governments, which will in turn will be more efficient than federal governments. Are these predictions true? Carefully explain

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Brackets > Atom

As a developer, working mainly in JS, unwilling to fork out cash, my preferred IDE is Brackets. Most people would say Atom is better. I object for the following reasons: Can’t exclude node_modules in many use cases. I shouldn’t have

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Zotero Reference Manager is Cool

Zotero is a reference manager which is a helpful tool during a literature research. This article describes why it’s cool. Reasons it’s cool: It’s a free and highly rated unobtrusive browser add-in that’s been around for a while and is

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Issues in Modern Microeconomics

This is the longer form of a term paper turned in as part of Wagner’s Theory of the Market Process II, Spring 2017. The more concise version, which was actually turned in, is available for download here. Introduction This paper

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A Simple Argument for Objective Value

I’m an economist. I’m studying at GMU, a university known for carrying on the Austrian tradition. While all economists recognize subjectivism, variously understood, I’ve talked about how Austrians are particularly extreme subjectivists and dubious of objective value. This article presents

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Experimental Identification of the Preference Effect

The below was a term paper for Dr. Stratmann’s ECON 895, “Empirical Micro Economics,” also known as Microeconometrics, Fall 2016 at GMU. The figures referenced are in the Word document but not in the website article. Download the Word document

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A Review of Subjectivism and Economics

In preparation for an article arguing in favor of objective value, this article goes over comparative views on subjective value among economists. Basically, all economists recognize subjective value, but to different extents and with subtly different meaning. I claim that

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This is Just a Test!

I updated the website code which is responsible for sharing posts to the Facebook page. This is a test to see if that is working.

The Evil God Argument Doesn’t Work

One lame argument against Christianity which I have seen in online forums goes as follows: If God exists, there is an equal probability that he might be good or bad If he is good, we should believe in him If

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