Month: November 2016

Literature Review Tools: Harzing’s Publish or Perish Review

tldr: If you are conducting a literature review, citation analysis, or similar study, you need to stop using Google Scholar and use Harzing’s Publish or Perish. Google Scholar is quite literally the Google of academic writing. It’s one of the

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Hal Varian Makes Sense of NoSQL

The sexy new thing in IT is apparently NoSQL, but I can’t stand the stuff. I tried Couch and Mongo but I didn’t like it for reasons I’ll discuss in this article. More important than my opinion, though, is Hal

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Short Essay Regarding “Samaritan’s Dilemmas, Wealth Redistribution, and Polycentricity”

The main thrust of this response is to note the relationship between giving and the desire for reciprocity as a determinant of futurism. Under monocentric administration, aggregation of charitable givers results in a loss of identifiable social values. A receiver

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Short Essay Regarding “Economic Coordination within a Mixed Ecology of Enterprises: Erasing a Theoretical Antinomy”

This article is another contribution, after the manner of Vandivier (2016), toward the synthesis of Austrian economics and other modern schools of thought. The paper responded to asserts that a reasonable theory of fiscal catallactics must incorporate sociability and venality.

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Open Todo List

This page lists tasks to be done to improve the website and After Economics community. Comment to suggest items. Printer friendly pages and articles. Workaround:

David Friedman Isn’t a True Anarcho-Capitalist

This article argues that David D. Friedman is not a true anarcho-capitalist. I suggest Rothbard is a better fit for the prototypical ancap. To be sure, this title and thesis are intended to generate shock. Anyone who’s read my blog

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Virtual Competition Solves Geographic Monopoly

This article defines virtual competition and argues that it is a mechanism to solve geographic monopoly. Virtual competition is competition conducted through exchanges of information. Financial competition, reputation, marketing, and so on are all subsets of virtual competition. Such mechanisms

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Short Essay Regarding: “The Use of Knowledge in Political Economy: Paretian Insight into a Hayekian Challenge”

The motivation of this response is to extract and extend a particular line of thought relevant to the article. The article does not pretend to be a holistic summary, response, or extension of Wagner (2016). Instead, the agenda of this