Month: July 2016

Development Team Workflow

This article is a basic overview of the workflow of a professional application development team. Receive requirement This would classically come in the form of written Acceptance Criteria and/or test cases Understand requirement EOE, delivery schedule, and other planning is

Edmund Burke and the Strategy of Opposition

Edmund Burke is considered the Father of Conservatism, but he wrote on plenty of other stuff too. From this source, here’s an excerpt where Burke keenly identifies, hundreds of years ago, a strategy of persuasion which might be called the

Science Problems: Humility Failure

This article discusses the failure of practicing scientists and data analysts to correct for a well known problem: Their own overconfidence. This article has 3 sections: Intro The Problem One Possible Solution   Section 1: Intro Here are a couple

An Economic Theory of Paternalism

Individuals sometimes make bad choices. As a result, there are cases where an outcome would have been improved with a bit of paternalism. Paternalism means I think I know better than you and I am going to try to make