Month: April 2016

What George Carlin Has Wrong On The American Dream

George Carlin was a left-leaning comedian with a knack for seeing the bad in everything, including politics. This article addresses a particular well known segment of his where he talks about “the big wealthy business interests” running the country: First

God’s Not Dead 2: A Case Study in Expert Bias and Signal Failure

God’s Not Dead 2 is a Christian-themed movie that follows a court case where a teacher is accused of violating the rights of students by discussing Jesus in a classroom. This article uses the movie as a case study in

Why Use Slack or HipChat?

Business often have email and in-office communicators. Do Slack and HipChat offer any advantage over such tools? Yes. I think Slack is a bit better but I have used HipChat more. HipChat is part of the Atlassian stack in case

How to Fix Missing Observations in STATA

This article notes a technical problem that STATA noobs like myself may run into where it looks like STAT is failing to import certain variables or observations properly. A big thanks to Joshua Ingber who solved this issue for me.

The 15 Most Important Degrees for Entrepeneurship

While conducting an EDA of the ACS PUMS data set, one interesting thing I encountered was the relationship between the undergraduate degree a person received and their rate of self-employment. This article discusses that finding. Two variables regressed include FOD1P

The 9 Most Important States for Entrepreneurship

This article describes some preliminary results from an ongoing EDA. Specifically, we look at the 10 states which are significantly associated with the rate of self-employment. Intro I’ve been conducting an EDA as part of an econometrics class in my