Month: February 2016

Interview Questions for JS, VBA, Java, and SQL

I have interviewed a number of people for various developer positions and I thought I’d share some of the questions and methods I use to evaluate candidates. This should help those individuals seeking to obtain such jobs. I also intend

When To Re-Do Your Budget

This article discusses when you might want to re-do your personal or business budget, with a focus on household budgeting. I generally suggest people do monthly and quarterly budgets. If you’re a business you should also engage longer-term 1, 3,

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Seven Ways to Measure Economic Health

This article covers six ways to measure the health of an economy. Some may be hard to measure, but is GDP particularly easy to measure either? Also, these measures may have cousin measures at the micro or industrial level. GDP

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BTCJam Arbitration Enforcement With Worldwide

This article discusses a means of conducting collections for BTCJam arbitration awards, and demonstrates how the recipient of an award can calculate whether or not it is in their financial interest to purchase collections services, including the possibility of crowdfunded

Use KaTeX with WordPress – Not JetPack

This short article will give a few reasons that you should use KaTeX with WordPress instead of JetPack Beautiful Math, assuming that you need some sort of math tex solution. Why would you want to use tex? To write and

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