Month: January 2016

Editorial Perfectionism as a Mechanism for Malproduction

In this article I will argue that perfectionist journal editors are a direct mechanism for the production of research and research literature. What do I mean by editorial perfectionism? Journals prefer to take quality articles, and quality articles are costly

Github Gamified: Good?

This article explores the pros and cons of treating GitHub as a game. GitHub is a place where coders put their code. It serves as a technical tool, but it also serves as a social network and signaling device. Rep

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Powerball Right Now and Rational Gambling

  Powerball is so hot right now. Did you know that gambling is sometimes rational? There are at least two ways it can be rational: Expected value exceeds expected cost Utility gains from gambling cause willingness to pay to match

An Approach to Data Analysis with N-Dimensional Skew

There is probably already a standard approach for the problem which I am calling n-dimensional skew but I don’t know what it is, and I’m not even sure I named the problem in a standard way, but I thought of

Obfuscatable Extension as an Open Source Business Model

This article discusses an approach to open source as a business model. We all know about the traditional approach. That is, you open source some software and charge for implementation, maintenance, or on-call services. This could be considered the Sprinter

Economies of Scope in Personal Life

One of the reasons I got interested in economics is because you can apply it in your personal life. Done right, it’s very practical. Here are some ways to leverage gains from scope in your personal life: Underclothes that work

Voting and the Value of Legitimacy

This article extends my discussion on the value of a vote. I discuss soft and social value in particular, and establish a mechanism for rapid diminishing returns of vote buying by an individual. As a recap, I often vote and

How to Name a CSS Class

This article recommends an approach to naming CSS classes. tldr: Do this: .font-color-red {} Not this: .header {} Why? It’s semantic and performant. What do we mean by semantic code? Developers began talking about semantic HTML a while ago, but