Month: December 2015

The Core Problem in Programming

Developers maximize productivity in the economic sense by finding an optimal balance between the quality of their product and the cost at which they produce it. Because the primary marginal cost in programming is labor, lower cost of production is

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The 5 Best Arguments for Atheism

This article discusses 8 commonly used arguments for atheism – 5 apparently good ones and 3 more obviously bad ones which are actually sometimes used. At least one has some merit to it..   5 Apparently Good Arguments for Atheism

Sye and Election

I’m generally a fan of apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate. Recently I ran across the following video of a conversation between Sye and one of the more intelligent atheists I have seen, Bernie Dehler: At 14:25, Bernie Dehler asks, “Why is

4 Malincentives in Traditional Education

This article covers four malincentives which exist in traditional education. I also suggest some alternative modes of learning which reduce these problems. For the sake of this article, the working definition of traditional education is the classroom-teacher model, or teacher-centered

Intro to LaTeX using WordPress

This article demonstrates one way to write complex equations using LaTeX on your WordPress blog. Why blog with LaTeX? At least two reasons: WordPress and other text editors don’t support complex mathematical notation out-of-the-box. Writing in LaTeX is a standard

12 Graph Undergraduate Economics Cheat Sheet

This article contains 12 graphs which pretty much summarize everything an undergraduate economics student would need to learn. Contents: Linearized Competitive Supply and Demand Supply and Demand with Monopoly Firm Production in the Short Run with Technical Efficiency Firm Production

Morality, Flourishing, and Christianity

This article reviews an interesting debate between Sam Harris and William Lane Craig on morality Sam Harris is one of the better respected atheist thinkers these days. After publishing The Moral Landscape in 2010, Harris debated well known Christian apologist

Traditional Higher Education is Anti-Grit

This article argues that higher education should adopt grit-oriented education strategies. Grit is better than IQ at predicting GPA and college graduation rate. However, traditional higher education is anti-grit in several ways. If grit is already a dominant factor in