Month: August 2015

Bentham Utility, Happiness, and Economic Modelling

Jeremy Bentham’s utility is a hypothetical unit of morality used as the underpinning for modern economic modelling using a cardinal quantitative approach. One problem is that economics has abused his concept. Today, many economists treat utility as a unit of

Negative and Baseline Utility

I was recently talking with a guy in the Econ. Ph.D. program at GMU (which I am now also a member of :D). He was discussing utility maximization subject to constraint. After some discussion he began talking about the possibility

The Coup of Sam Houston: A Triumph of Racist Democrats

A new Prager University video asks and answers, “Was the American Civil War Fought Because of Slavery?” The shallow and predictable answer is “yes.” This article is on the unique role of Texas and Sam Houston in the Civil War,

Requested BTCJam AutoInvest Features

BTCjam recently released the autoinvest tool. I’ve been using it and making solid double digit returns, but it could use some improvements. The main feature the tool lacks is an advanced filter which could filter out loans or borrowers based