Month: July 2015

Big Bounces are Anthropic Too

This article notes that a Big Bounce cosmology implies exquisite fine-tuning. Cosmology is the historical science of the whole universe and emphasizes theories on the origin of the universe. Cosmology itself has a history of tried and passed theoretical fashions.

Let Them Pick Cherries: The Principle of Charity No. 2

This article describes a way in which cherry picked data is useful for deduction and debate, in conjunction with the principle of charity, in the context of a specific example. Let’s start with the specific example. Michelle Obama and the

An Updated Guide to Buying Bitcoin

This article will give an update on how to purchase bitcoin. I have discussions on purchasing bitcoin here and here from years ago, and I even made this YouTube video demonstration on purchasing through Bitinstant and Mt. Gox. Watching that

Write Your Own jQuery Slider

This article will show you the code needed to write your own jQuery slider. Writing your own jQuery slider is a very flexible solution that can: Accommodate all sorts of media from text to video that other sliders may not.

On Racism and the Confederate South

My view of the Confederacy comes mainly from my knowledge the history of the revolution. The Confederate conversation has four distinct parts: Secession, nullification, slavery, and racism. The south absolutely had rights for secession and nullification. These rights were trampled