Month: April 2015

Kahneman and Efficient Bias

This article will point to some good resources from Kahneman, but also makes a critique about a point he makes about bias. Daniel Kahneman is a smart guy, an experimental psychologist, and a winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Evil or Stupid?

There is a bit of a double standard in sociology. People are conceived of as innately evil, but the presumption of malice over incompetence as an explanation of some poor result is considered erroneous. As just one example of the

Easter, Christmas, and Paganism

This article discusses the fact that Easter and Christmas as often celebrated contain pagan influence. I mention this not to invalidate Christianity, but to provide for the better practice of Christianity by eliminating bad traditions. For starters, Easter, Passover, and

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is Bad News for Liberty

By Guest Writer Jay T. Paine Everyone is upset with Indiana, probably because their Hoosier tires started blowing out. At least that would be a legitimate reason to be upset. Another legitimate reason for outrage is Section 8 of the

Re: David Friedman “Duck Dynasty, Medieval Islam, and Moral Philosophy”

This article contains my response to David Friedman’s recent blog article, Duck Dynasty, Medieval Islam, and Moral Philosophy. Update, Later the Same Day, 4/2/15: I reached out to leading thinker and apologist Greg Koukl by Facebook. I was glad to

Isn’t Snowden a Traitor?

This article discusses my opinion on the question “Isn’t Snowden a traitor?” by using an actual discussion from Facebook. I posted this article to Facebook with the comment, “Donating to Snowden is now illegal and the U.S. Government can take