Month: April 2015

Gays Say They Are Born That Way

The debate around homosexuality is complex. This article only addresses one small point. It is often argued that homosexuality is not a choice because, well, go ask a gay person and that’s what they will tell you. I personally haven’t

Firm Structure in an ACS

What sort of firm structure would exist in an anarcho-capitalist society? This article presents two conjectures. The first conjecture is a straightforward extrapolation of the principle of decentralization. This principle holds that decisions are made more efficiently by maximally decentralized

Unpacking the Vandivier-Coase Theorem

In this article I want to further explain the Vandivier-Coase Theorem. The theorem is as follows: “When transaction costs are sufficiently small relative to total surplus, an efficient and invariant outcome will prevail, and as transaction costs approach zero the

Vandivierian Market Failure

This article will describe my own notion of market failure, called Vandivierian Market Failure (VMF). There are several classic definitions of market failure, but three seem to stand out: A market failure is a situation where individual rationality does not

4 Reasons to Say “Nah Bro” to Mandatory Vaccines

This article will give 4 reasons that legislation, executive action, or other public action to make vaccines mandatory is a bad idea and should not be supported. First, let me disclaim that I am not against vaccines. Vaccines are quite

Is High Science Scientific?

This article will define something called high science and ask whether it really has the qualities we expect of science in general. High science exists in two forms and they are related. High science can be science which involves large

The Specific Mechanism of Anarcho-Capitalist Conflict Resolution

We often discuss anarcho-capitalist society using generalities and aggregated speech. This is often not a convincing or clear way to communicate. This article lays out the specific mechanism used to resolve conflict in an anarcho-capitalist society as concisely as possible

Would PDAs form in an ACS?

Many anarcho-capitalist thinkers claim that private defense agencies (PDAs) would exist in an anarcho-capitalist society (ACS). David Friedman is one example. But why do we think this? That’s what this article is about. Suppose there are two key actors and

Price Discrimination is Efficient

This article will argue that price discrimination is efficient for society, not just producers. Price discrimination is the practice of firms charging different prices for different consumers. In theory this allows producers to obtain the full amount of social surplus.

Democracy is Not Democratic

This article will argue that an anarcho-capitalist society is more democratic than Democracy and that an a-c society is actually a populist idea. This recent article from Reason summarizes the results of recent Cato Instituted research. The Cato research suggests