Month: March 2015

The Triple Cost of Government

This article discusses the fact that a government program which executes the same function as a private program will incur three additional categories of costs which the private program does not incur, and which may be subdivided into numerous more

A Quick Look at the ECB

The European Central Bank is the bank of the Eurozone. The ECB is an interesting case study in the centralization of economy policy. Central banks in general are highly centralized structures of economic policy, but the ECB is an even

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Ordinal Modelling Applied to Connoisseurship

Suppose the smartest guy in the world and disagrees with everyone else. Question: According to the ordinal model of a priori statistical reasoning, what is the minimum number of people that would have to exist in the world in order

Bias Can Be Good

I recently found this neat Wikipedia entry, “List of cognitive biases.” The listing is thorough and should interest any behavioral economist as well as sociologists, psychologists, and others. One thing I would like to point out is that some of

Bad Christians, Uncertainty, and Faith

Bad Christian Music is a new music label representing Emery, the Classic Crime, and others. They have a website which houses a podcast, a blog, a store, and more. What I’ve seen so far is great. They have a recent

3 Reasons “Just Leave” is Ignorant Immigration Policy

This article will cover 3 reasons that “if you don’t like it here then leave” is an ignorant statement and a poor attitude with which to build immigration policy. 1 – Leaving costs time, money, and more Leaving is easier

Spiritual Uncleanliness

This article will discuss some interesting theology around uncleanliness in Judaism and the Bible. The Judeo-Christian concept of uncleanliness is mutually physical and spiritual. Being spiritually unclean is the same as being sinful and the term unclean itself may also

On David Friedman’s 3rd AMA

David Friedman recently conducted his 3rd AMA, found here. This article collects selected highlights from the AMA and my notes. There are 6 highlighted questions in total. Q: “…what mechanism of a free market would keep a corporation from expanding

Bitcoin Anonymization and Other Updates

While the price of each bitcoin has fallen over the past 18 months and remained stagnant over the past few months, the technology and network continue to improve. Perhaps most notably, bitcoin anonymization is making a come back. First, bitcoin

Ben Carson, Politifact, and Gay Prison Choices

Ben Carson lost some of my respect over the past few days, but not for the reason you might expect. You see, Ben Carson was absolutely correct to claim that homosexuality is a choice. Why did he lose some of

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