Month: January 2015

On the Apparent Link Between Atheism and Intelligence

This article points out problems with the apparent link between atheism and intelligence, provides reason to think that strength of belief in Christianity may be correlated with intelligence, and reminds people that intelligence is at best a weak indicator on

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A Priori Probability: Larger Values

This article will cover how to handle a priori statistical or probabilistic reasoning when the estimated value is larger than the baseline value. In this article I show that for any probability P | 0 < P < 1, the

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David Friedman Answers Some Questions

David Friedman recently released his third edition of Machinery of Freedom, a book which advocates for Anarcho-Capitalism from a unique, Friedmanian, pragmatic, utilitarian, and empirical, rather than a priori or deductive, perspective. I bought it and I recommend you do

Business Consulting: Marginless Business Strategy

Marginal costs are a major component of business costs. This article will address specific techniques and technologies which can be used to eliminate marginal costs for businesses. Collectively, these points create a business strategy which I am a huge fan

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The Health Article

This article serves as a general overview of some of my personal ideas on how to be healthy. While I am by no means an expert, I have done a good bit of research, I am in good personal health,

Police are the New Taxi Drivers

This article discusses a bit of current news which is that police want an app called Waze disabled. Described by some as a police tracking app, Waze is actually a GPS app which competes with Google Maps. It has additional

4 Points on Economic Inequality

This article covers 4 short notes I would like to make regarding economic inequality. 1 – It’s Happening Like inequality and heterogeneity per se, economic inequality is both real and in some sense growing. In another sense it is real

Learning to Code, Cont’d

This article will be helpful to you if you want to get involved in web development or a related field. This article basically extends my programming skills flow chart article. I have also written an intro to Ruby on Rails.

The State of 2016 and Strategic Romneying

This article covers low confidence early forecasting of the 2016 Presidential Primaries and General Election. Let me start by saying that everyone knows Hillary will have the Democratic nomination, unless she explicitly rejects it, which she probably won’t. On the

Police Double Standard on Provocation?

This article asks and does not answer the question, “Does the criminal justice system have a double standard in place on the issue of provocation in which police are less likely to be convicted of crime resulting from provocation than