Month: October 2014

More Bad, Leftist Economics

We have 2 new exhibits today that leftist economics continues to produce poor conclusions, from both positive and normative perspectives.   Case 1: NASA is inefficient, but government apologists aren’t concerned Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) puts out an annual Wastebook

Advancing Human Capital Evaluation

In the past, I have written quite a bit about an education evaluation tool called Degreed, both lauding and criticizing the service in different ways. Some of the criticisms are beginning to be addressed, although they are being addressed by

Intro to Rails Deployment

This article is targeted towards non-programmers and very junior programmers. It will quickly walk through some of the reasons you might want to deploy a rails-based website or web application and how to take some of those steps, along with

An Easy Argument for Anarchy

This argument is related to the historical notion of secession and it comes in the form of a quote from Chapter 13 of Man, Economy, and State by Rothbard: It is all the more curious, incidentally, that while laissez-faireists should

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Income Inequality and Poverty

Quote 1: “We have tentatively suggested that steep progressive taxation, by reducing the rate of wealth accumulation, has yet prevented the large fortunes to recover fully from these shock.” Income Inequality in the United States. Piketty and Saez. In my

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The Halo Effect and Unconscious Accuracy

The Halo Effect is a cognitive bias in which a person, A, is more likely to believe that another person, B, is good in some respect, D, if they are known to be good in some other respect, C, even

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A New Definition of Economics

The classical definition of economics is outdated due to the introduction of the economics of abundance. I argue for and present a new definition in this article. In the current edition of Greg Mankiw’s Principals of Macroeconomics, which is arguably

8 Approaches to Solve the Ebola Crisis (Update: Now 10)

Physical – Quarantine works for Ebola. It dies off after 15 days or so. Thermodynamic – Burn infected people. Not preferable, but effective. Temperature shock – It may be the case that forcing a person into deep hypothermia then resuscitating

The Preference Revelation Problem

The preference revelation problem is the problem government has in determining the preferences of individuals. Preferences are usually discovered either by survey or by revealed preference. Markets obtain revealed preference information more easily and in a relatively less costly fashion.

Reza’s Just Wrong

Here’s the clip:   Reza attempts to defend Islam by attacking the negative portrayal of Muslim nations as painting with a broad brush, stereotyping, and simply being empirically incorrect. The problem is that Reza is empirically incorrect. He’s right that

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