Month: July 2014

From Satanism to Anarchy

An article out recently from Talking Points Memo discussed the fact that Satanists are citing the recent Hobby Lobby case for an exemption from anti-abortion laws. This highlights at least two important points. Religious freedom is not clearly a good

Another Historical Objection to Anarcho-Capitalism

This article will cover two more objections from history to anarcho-capitalism. Historically, anarchist communities have looked more like communities based on socialism, communism, communalism, and so on, rather than communities based on capitalism. Maybe a small village or community has

Problems With a Machine View of Intelligence

This article critiques a recent TED Talk by Alex Wissner-Gross entitled, “A New Equation for Intelligence.” Here is the talk. The talk is on a ridiculous equation which is not an equation in the traditional sense of the term. You

A Conversation from Tom Woods’ Day 4 Morning Speech at Mises University

The conversation occurred in the live chat as the live YouTube video of the speech occurred, regarding natural monopoly: Jay Son I would like to hear what woods would say about Economies of Scale being the barriers to entry regarding

America and Israel

In this article I will discuss why America is and should continue to be an ally of Israel, including military aid if needed. Israel is a valuable and developed geographical, economic, political, national, and religious entity. Islam is a threat

Research Skills

This article will discuss some of the skills involved in conducting research. Research is a useful life skill. Research means getting answers. Yes, you need to it succeed in school, but it is so much more than that. I use research

Uniting the Austrians and the Neoclassicals

Austrians and Neoclassicals have a ton of things in common. They are both economists. OK that’s just about all they have in common. Except not. As economists, Austrians and Neoclassicals both want, among other things, to learn how to maximize

Criticizing Savings-Based Economic Growth

This article will argue that savings is not the only component of economic growth. This article will not argue against the idea that savings contributes to growth, but will argue instead that savings must not be the only or ultimate

Quantified Ordinal Modelling of Action

This article builds on quantified ordinal modelling theory which I have talked about in the past. Here, I apply quantified ordinal modelling to human action. This allows us to predict an actual decision by an actor. It is not necessarily


[I submitted the following this morning via email as a public comment to as per instruction on this Reddit post with the subject line, “A PUBLIC COMMENT REGARDING THE PROPOSED NY STATE BITLICENSE.”] Dana Syracuse, New York has a relatively