Month: June 2014

Two Political Campaign Strategies

This article quickly discusses two political campaign strategies based on crossover likelihood. Quick definitions on strategy and tactics, two words which are tossed around in politics all the time and rarely defined or correctly used: A strategy is a theoretically-backed

The Relationship Between Vote Costs and Favorability

This article will discuss 4 concepts in applied politics, applied economics, and political economy. Relative Preference Vote Costs Dollar-Power A Probabilistic Approach to Transaction   Relative Preference You go to the store to buy soda. Coke costs $1 per bottle

Bad Objections to Anarchy: The Historical Objection

One objection to anarchy is the historical objection. “Anarchy has never been tried before, so it’s risky.” Or, “Anarchy is historically associated with violence.” These are two separate objections and we will cover both here. It’s never been tried before

Lew Rockwell Doesn’t Get Anarcho-Capitalism

Lew Rockwell, a major libertarian thinker, was recently featured in discussion with Tom Woods, another major figure in the movement, on the Tom Woods show. The audio can be found here. Throughout the interview, Rockwell defines anarcho-capitalism in his own

Two Stories from David Friedman on Issues of Political Economy

David Friedman said on more than one occasion, “When you’re young, you worry that people will steal your ideas. When you’re old, you worry that they won’t.”   Following his advice, I had to preserve two stories he recently told

Quantifying Political Support

This article discusses the relationship between political support, political favorability, and name ID. The first thing to note is that each of these ideas is both a concept in theory and also refers to a particular practical counterpart. In other

The Real Link Between Technology and Entrepreneurship

In the mind of American culture, and perhaps other cultures as well, technology and entrepreneurship are inextricably linked. One usual explanation is the idea of particularly creative people. These creative people are into creating new inventions and are also able

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The Creeping Fundamental Growth in Bitcoin Price

This article will cover one major, long-run driver of the increasing bitcoin price. In the past, I have echoed a fact which is well known in the bitcoin community (the community pretty much being and Bitcointalk). The fact is