Month: May 2014

Theology: The Age of Man as a Prophecy Tool

This article will use the “age of man” as a tool to get a rough idea of the expected time of the return of Christ. Genesis 6:3 says, “Then the LORD said, ‘My Spirit will not contend with humans forever,

Some Thoughts

This article will cover some random thoughts I had recently. Oblique Generalization Weak Grounding Argument from Time Travel (Optionally, With the Long Run Centralization of Power) 1 Oblique Generalization Oblique generalization is a process of taking just about any super

Two Models for a Marketing Plan

This article will discuss two models for a marketing plan. One model is a “Minimum Viable Marketing Plan,” which discusses the bare minimum I would consider to be a marketing plan. The other is a “Full Marketing Plan,” which discusses

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Quick Exegesis on Judgment

This article is a not-in-depth look at judgement in the Bible. For a quick background I will summarize some points in which I agree with Ken Ham’s article here. That article has scripture reference and it’s overall pretty good so

Top Online Education Sites (MOOCs and SPOCs)

This article will cover some of my favorite online education sites. Check back occasionally! It will likely be edited as time goes on. Sites with an asterisk (*) are sites which can prove credentials, either through certificate issuance, integration with

Intro to Email Fundraising Optimization

This article will discuss several tools, resources, and data-driven principals which will help optimize emails which are sent for purposes of raising money. Please note that while I do regularly send fundraising emails, I do not consider myself a professional