Month: March 2014

Justified Necessity

This short article describes the concept of justified necessity. The concept of justified necessity applies to anything which is necessary, but is otherwise unjustified. The simple concept of justified necessity is the assertion that anything which is necessary but is

Could Information Be Energy?

This article documents my ignorant wondering if information can be a kind of energy. Having recently begun studying very basic information theory, it wasn’t long before I ran into the concept of the conservation of information. Having taken some science

Math Talk

This article goes over some “math talk.” That is, written language which is derived from symbols used in math, computer science or another technical written language. When used in language, math talk may be expressing either a formal meaning or

On Rights

This article will discuss a little bit the theory of rights and what a right is. In the US, our Founding Fathers declared certain unalienable rights and noted that their list was not exhaustive. I agree with several of their

NSA Call Recording Confirmed

This article will discuss the fact that it has been confirmed that the NSA records the actual contents of all calls, not just metadata. See the Mark Dice video below, where he discusses the revelation as covered in the Washington

Beat Big Brother, but Don’t Fight Him

This article discusses some of my thoughts on strategy for how people can overcome individual freedom in the face of a Big Brother society. The Big Brother society I am thinking of is where the State knows all. The common

Stefan Molyneux Makes My Point

While I recommend watching the whole video, this particular article is relevant to the period from 2:12:30 – 2:13:55 in the video below. I agree with Stefan about half the time, and lots of other people are even bigger fans

From Clique Theory to Conspiracy Theory

This article will argue that conspiracy theory can be conducted in the manner of a much more rigorous and advanced field by viewing it through the lens of clique theory and corporate domination theory. In the sociological literature there is

Referee Reports

This article discusses how to do a Referee Report. Referee Reports are reports produced for academic journal editors by persons called referees. They contain the referee’s opinion on whether or not a paper submitted for publication is worthy of consideration

Biggest Threat to National Security

This article discusses several possible candidates for the biggest threat to US national security. We will look at claims made by others and try to narrow the field. Here are 3 pundits giving their distinct opinions on the biggest threat