Month: February 2014

Why The Mt Gox Failure is a Good Thing

Mt. Gox was once the largest bitcoin exchange. Now it lies in ruins. How could this be a good thing? Say it with me, “It wasn’t bailed out!” Free markets are a beautiful thing. They operate on a principal called

Is Justin Bieber Illuminati?

This article discusses whether or not Justin Bieber is in the Illuminati and why it doesn’t matter very much. Mark Dice is a pretty great guy. He studies conspiracy and stuff like that. He notes that Justin Bieber has an

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Another Argument for Anarchism

This article is to present a great video from an episode of the Tom Woods radio show and then to present a defense of the State. Yes you heard that last part right. An Anarcho-Capitalist is going to make an

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In Support of Christian Anarchism

This article partly reconciles Christianity and Anarchism, at least in the form of peaceful, legal anarcho-capitalism. While I am an anarchist, I am also a gradualist and an advocate of peaceful and legal anarchism. I want an anarchy, but I

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Re: 11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway

This article is a response to “11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway.” The author of that article argues that many Christians have self-serving interpretations of the Bible and are essentially hypocrites. The author also mentions that it

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Two Predictions

This article covers two predictions I am making based on economic theory, one prediction on a bitcoin-denominated stock price and the other on the effects of Colorado marijuana tax policy.   PETA is an unregulated stock-like commodity, denominated in bitcoin

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Evaluating Human Life

This article covers a technique to value human life. Putting a financial value on human life can be a controversial thing for many moral reasons, but in reality there are a number of ways to measure it. Perhaps surprisingly, these

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Comparative Government Efficiency

This article discusses the fact that government is usually less efficient that the free market and estimates the inefficiency factor. We then correct a classic view of measuring cost to society of government intrusion into a free market by introducing the

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Re: Wikipedia, “Euromaidan” (!=Spontaneous)

This article covers what I believe are the real reasons for the protests in Ukraine. Euromaidan is the name the media has given the pro-UN integration movement in Ukraine. As one might predict, the Wikipedia page on the subject has some

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Re: U.S. Military Trains for War on 2nd Amendment

This article is my response to a video alleging that the US is training for a War on the 2nd Amendment. Here’s the video: I’m not upset about a new training ground and I’m skeptical that the sole intent of

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